Southwest Virginia Dental Society

PO Box 455

Abingdon, VA 24212

Attn: Sonya

Southwest Virginia Dental Society


President : Dr. Brian Thompson
President -Elect:  Dr. Michael Hull

Vice-President: Dr. Ronnie Brown

Sec/Treasurer: Dr. Cynthia Southern

Immediate Past President: Dr. Nathan Houchins

VDA Board of Directors Member:  Dr. Gus Vlahos

Executive Secretry:  Sonya Farris



Caring Dentist:  Dr. Susan O'Connor

Communication and Information Technology:  Dr. Brittany Ellis
Dental Benefits Programs:  Dr. Ron Jessup
Dental Health and Public Information:  Dr. Joseph Schneider
Dental Practice Regulation:  Dr. Brian Thompson
Ethics and Judical Affairs:  Dr. Sarah Friend
Infection Control and Environmental Safety:  Dr. Dana Chamberlain
Legislative:  Dr. David Stepp
Membership:  Dr. Paul Stubbs
New Dentist:  Dr. Nathan Houchins
Peer Review and Patient Relations: Dr. Paul Umstott
Mentoring: Dr. Gus Vlahos
Fellows:  Dr. Wallace Huff
VADPAC:  Dr. Joseph Schneider & Dr. Dana Chamberlain
Committee on Finance:  Dr. Cynthia Southern